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"Fabio Toma is the realization of a dream: to have my own tailoring business in which to manage production.

Thirty-five years later, Fabio Toma is an Italian manufacturing company based in Rome, Italy, specializing in the production of Made in Italy sartorial ties and accessories.

Today, thanks to daily efforts and a lot of imagination, we have managed to expand our offerings. To the selection of accessories are added garments made from fine Made in Italy fabrics to satisfy the desires of our international clientele.

Each product signed by Fabio Toma is the result of important values that guide the company: elegance and quality, craftsmanship and refinement.

Here we believe that qualitative fashion can provide lifelong satisfaction, a counter statement to the current fast fashion model that is so pervasive in the industry today."

Fabio Fortunato

Tradition and Innovation

Fabio Toma collections are the result of a process that combines tradition with innovation and years of experience in working with materials with soft, luxurious fibers.

Research always starts from raw materials, especially their origin and rarity: the silk of the ties comes from Como, the cashmere and wool from Biella, and the leathers are carefully chosen in the best Italian tanneries.

Imagination and Refined Style

To bring original ideas to life we put study, research and a lot of imagination.

We take our cues from fashion trends, nature and architecture when devising patterns with innovative textures.

We enrich the collections with experiments in colors and patterns while maintaining the elegant classicism that distinguishes Fabio Toma.

Through the skilled hands of artisans and designers, we turn our customer's wishes into reality: a product line of the highest quality.